Christchurch Wedding Photographers - Complete Guide
By Emily Ray

09 September 2020

Wedding photos are priceless treasures. For future generations of family and friends, a few glossy snaps are all it takes to conjure the beauty and love of your wedding day.

That’s why it pays to find a wedding photographer who is experienced, talented and knows how to cater to your unique needs. To ensure that your wedding is captured in all its gorgeousness, why not book in with one of the following Christchurch wedding photographers? Each of these professional photographers has garnered an impressive reputation on the Christchurch wedding scene. They’d be thrilled to add your wedding to their repertoire.


Grey Area Productions

Image by Grey Area Productions

Grey Area Productions is a Christchurch wedding photographer with an eye for telling stories. Grey Area Productions' director-in-chief, Andrew, believes that photographing is so much more than simply pointing and shooting. Rather than just “making” a photograph, the photographer brings their own story and emotional state to whichever scene they capture. That’s why in every photograph by Grey Area Productions, you get a real sense of the photographer engaging with and rejoicing in the love story that’s unfolding before their eyes.

Andrew is your typical South-Island bloke, brought up in the mountains and a real romantic at heart. As Andrew’s portfolio attests, his work is all about making the most of the simple and the natural in life (and in photography). That said, if you’d prefer a more stylised and staged shoot, that’s entirely doable. In fact, one of Andrew’s objectives is to capture your wedding through your eyes. Grey Area Productions' photo and video pricing begin at $3900.


Johanna MacDonald Photography

Image by Johanna MacDonald Photography

Capturing all of life’s greatest moments - little or big - is Johanna MacDonald Photography. A Christchurch wedding photographer that also loves family portraits, documentaries and more, this diverse photographer has a natural approach to her work. Wanting to showcase the very best and most real parts of your special day is her speciality, with wedding photography that really reflects you and your partner as the couple you are.

Artistic, emotional and framed just right, Johanna MacDonald Photography is one of Christchurch’s go-to photographers for weddings, engagements, newborns and more. She has worked with hundreds of happy couples to deliver wedding photography that is as precious as it is perfect, travelling wherever she is called and needed.


Tegan Clark Photography

Image by Tegan Clark Photography

Enthusiasm is the foundation of Tegan Clark Photography, a Christchurch-based wedding photographer that loves what she does. Inspiration comes so naturally from weddings and all things to do with romance, which is exactly what gets this wedding photographer going. Adventurous and immersive, she’s not afraid to get down on the ground or climb up in a tree to get the perfect shot. Tegan Clark Photography joins in the experience of your wedding, singing along with music and dancing with you as she shoots to ensure that you’re having the time of your life.

With over a decade of experience in wedding photography, her work has developed into fine art full of emotions and wonder. As an additional point of praise, Tegan Clark Photography also works as ethically and sustainably as possible, sourcing local and ethical products, using no or recyclable packaging, donating to LGBTQ+ organisations and offering free shots for those in need.


Sarah Clements Photography

Image by Sarah Clements Photography

Storytelling at its most creative, with epic moments created by the unique and bright presence that you are. Sarah Clements Photography promises to deliver all of your emotions, tears, laughter and everything in between as clearly and honestly as possible, all while having the time of your life on your special day. She believes there is beauty in uncontrollable laughter and weeping for joy and her wedding photography does the utmost to show you that.

Situated in Christchurch, she works tirelessly for her couples in order to bring them the very best kind of wedding photography they could ask for. It’s those small moments that she really adores, those fleeting ones that no one seems to notice as they happen, preserving them for you to look back on with warm smiles when all is said and done.


Rebecca Claridge Photography

Image by Rebecca Claridge Photograph

Lovers and dreamers, gather around and take a look at Rebecca Claridge Photograph, a Christchurch wedding photographer that makes dreams come true. Bold and beautiful are the two defining factors of her wedding photography, turning love stories into timeless keepsakes that you’ll hold close to your heart forever.

Rebecca Claridge Photography has a classic style, with an elegant feeling that will capture all the moments that matter most to you and your loved ones. With experience with not only wedding photography but portraits, commercial ventures, landscapes and more, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Her diverse background has resulted in wedding photography that is both extraordinary and entirely authentic, framing your natural beauty one shot at a time.


The Heather & Doug Records

Image by The Heather & Doug Records

An award-winning husband and wife wedding photography duo, The Heather & Doug Records is based in Christchurch and brings stunning imagery to all of the South Island (and beyond, if you’re up for it). They love travelling here, there and everywhere, jump shots and spending time with their loved ones. To them, it’s all about colour, adventure, energy, and what they like to call ‘personal connectitude.’

The Heather & Doug Records offer a series of packages for your wedding photography, whether you’re looking for the basics or something more lavish on your special day. They believe that wedding photography should be a true reflection of who you are as a couple and put in all their effort to ensure this is what you receive. From engagements to family collections, these Christchurch wedding photographers have got you covered.


Paul Tatterson

Image by Paul Tatterson

A Christchurch wedding photographer that specialises in both romance and editorial/fashion photography, you can bet your bottom dollar that Paul Tatterson is an expert when it comes to sublime imagery. His work has been featured in media outlets such as Together Journal, Nouba, Cosmopolitan Bride and Paper & Lace.

There are a ton of packages to choose from for your wedding photography, including albums, galleries and flexible hours of essential coverage on your big day. Paul Tatterson is a big lover of travel - although he’s situated in Christchurch, he frequently travels around the globe for shoots and would be happy to do so for your wedding. Down-to-earth, honest wedding photography is his forte, bringing out the true colours of your day and helping you to celebrate it as beautifully as possible.


Tegan Johnson Photography

Image by Tegan Johnson Photography

A portrait & wedding photographer in Christchurch, Tegan Johnson Photography brings warmth and authenticity to your wedding images. She specialises in wedding photography, boasting a true-to-life and romantic style that celebrates you as a couple in your essence. Spending time behind her lens is her favourite pastime - and it shows. She’s been a photographer since 2010, branching into wedding photography 4 years later, and is a massive people person.

Those connections between people are what drives Tegan Johnson Photography - as well as the evanescent but always gorgeous golden hour. If you’re after wedding photography full of passion, personality and smiles from ear to ear, Tegan Johnson Photography the right wedding photographer for you.


Stanley Pictures

Image by Stanley Pictures

The man behind Stanley pictures is the eponymous Jacob Stanley, a professional photographer based in Christchurch city. Jacob’s a real family man, so you can expect his photos to put your nearest and dearest at the forefront, spotlighting these special relationships. A distinguishing factor about Stanley Pictures is Jacob’s relaxed and fun approach to photoshoots. Just relax, have fun, and you’ll almost forget Jacob’s there.

Stanley Pictures is all about shooting people in stunning locations and making the most of the natural light. Take a look at Stanley’s portfolio of wedding shoots, and you’ll see exactly what role the sun occupies in his photographic practice. From the setting sun bursting through a couple’s embrace to the stunning pale ambience of a midwinter seascape, Stanley Pictures sure knows how to make the most of natural light.


My Wedding Photographer

Image by My Wedding Photographer

Spontaneous, documentary-style wedding photos define the work of My Wedding Photographer. Thomas Pickard has been photographing weddings for over 13 years, and that experience shows in every page of his stunning wedding portfolio.

Thomas’s photography will capture the essence of your wedding day. That doesn’t just mean the “big” moments, like when your partner first sees you walking down the aisle or that all-important first kiss. Thomas’s unobtrusive eye also captures those more intimate moments: the squeezing of hands, or the kids playing in full wedding get-up. It’s all about natural, unstaged moments for My Wedding Photographer. Moreover, Thomas is happy to travel anywhere in the Christchurch region, near or far.


Mandy Caldwell

Image by Mandy Caldwell

Christchurch wedding photographer Mandy Caldwell first took up the camera when she tied the knot herself back in 2010. Since then, she’s built a hugely-successful wedding photography business which has amassed legions of fans in the Christchurch region and beyond.

This one-woman photography outfit is all about the natural and the authentic. Mandy has an admirable way of making her clients feel comfortable in front of the camera – even if they haven’t spent an ounce of time there before. Mandy has attended a huge range of weddings and is super sensitive to each couple’s needs. Whether you’d like your wedding shot in the rain or edited in a particular colour palette, Mandy’s can-do attitude will make the photography part of your big day a breeze.


Susannah Blatchford

Image by Susannah Blatchford

From weddings set in the Christchurch High Country to night-time events, Susannah Blatchford Photography has captured it all. This Christchurch wedding photographer specialises in sublime natural landscapes. Don’t worry, though: that doesn’t mean you and your partner will get lost in the grandeur! Susannah boasts a talent for making the married couple the indisputable focus of the shot whilst still bringing the gorgeous Canterbury landscape into view. One look at her photo-filled blog, and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Susannah has been photographing weddings for years. Her working practise is a mixture of photojournalism and off-the-cuff captures. This photography style is a perfect fit for couples who want every little detail of their wedding day captured - not just the traditionally “picture-perfect” ones. Susannah Blatchford Photography offers a number of wedding packages ranging in time from 6-10 hours, with optional extras available.


Nicole Gourley

Image by Nicole Gourley

Nicole Gourley's strong background in photojournalism means that documentary-style wedding photography comes naturally. She believes that wedding photography is not just about how you look but about the intimate emotions behind each shot. This Christchurch wedding photographer has a knack for capturing authentic moments and preserving them so that you can relive your wedding over and over again. Not only does Nicole Gourley shoot weddings, but she also loves venturing into family portraits and pre-pregnancy so you can feel all those warm, fuzzy things whenever you wish. This spectrum of interests shows just how talented this Christchurch wedding photographer really is.

On top of her photography skills, Nicole Gourley is a consummate professional when it comes to organising, directing and leading you when it comes to your wedding photography. The trick is to find the right balance, which she does so well. Photography is all about storytelling, and her history ensures that she impeccably does this. Paired with her love for travel, this Christchurch wedding photographer delivers stunning albums full of your most treasured memories.


Tandem Photography

Image by Tandem Photography

Tandem Photography is a collection of Christchurch wedding photographers. They want to make documenting your big day as easy as possible. They do it all, from special days to commercial events, snapping clear shots and adjusting their style to suit your event. They know how difficult it can be to find the right wedding photographer at the right price. So, they also offer a money-back guarantee and interest-free payment plans to aid you in planning the perfect wedding.

These Christchurch wedding photographers have had hundreds of clients since their establishment. Over the years, they have gained a reputation for taking breathtaking 'hero shots,' dramatic and artsy at once. They include urban or natural backdrops, embracing the landscape around you to make your wedding memories magnificent. When it comes to wedding albums, Tandem Photography is the winner of 2015's New Zealand Wedding Album of the Year. Their goal for your big day is quality that can be counted on.


Midge Edine Photography

Image by Midge Edine Photography

This Christchurch wedding photography revolves around golden feelings and fleeting moments. Weddings revolve around the very same, which is precisely why this is Midge Edine Photography's forte. Down to earth and empathetic, she works with clarity and honesty to deliver photography that reflects these values. With love for love, she has been shooting weddings for years and does her utmost to connect with all of her couples.

Midge Edine Photography likes to make the process of wedding photography straightforward. Her work utilises natural light, stunning locations and some gentle guiding here and there. She is happy to travel for your wedding, offering a series of packages to make choosing what works for you simple. If you want a Christchurch wedding photographer full of warmth, she is an ideal option.


Tracey Allsopp Photography

Image by Tracey Allsopp Photography

It's love, love and more love with Tracey Allsopp Photography. She is a Christchurch wedding photographer that - you guessed it - adores everything to do with romance. She captures engagements, weddings and couples in general, ready to celebrate everything with them. Pouring her heart and soul into her work, she believes in helping her couples as much as possible with organisation, direction and more. Your wedding photography is meant to showcase you as a couple in the brightest, most transparent way - and she does just that.

Tracey Allsopp Photography has been a Christchurch wedding photographer for a while, but that's not all she does. Her talents include being a professional makeup artist and brow stylist. That's right, you can find a three-in-one special with this wedding photographer. It makes choosing her easy-peasy, given her fun personality and endless list of skills.


Kirsten J Photography

Image by Kirsten J Photography

Seek out that adventure with Kirsten J Photography. If it's time for you to be on your way with your big day, then this Christchurch wedding photographer is the one you're looking for. Whether it's an elopement, destination wedding or something more traditional, she can make your wedding photography dreams come true. Her goal, first and foremost, is to build a connection with you and your loved ones so she can capture organic moments as they come about.

Her series of packages cater for elopements, destination weddings and micro weddings. You can have whatever type of special day you like with her behind the camera. Kirsten J Photography loves scouting incredible locations for your wedding shoot. She doesn't charge a travel fee within the South Island and does her best to keep the cost low when you decide to have your wedding elsewhere. It's all about the excitement with this Christchurch wedding photographer, and she'll do everything she can to come along for the ride.


Inview Photography

Inview Photography

Born and raised in the South Island, Inview Photography is a Christchurch wedding photographer with a penchant for storytelling. She has over 7 years of experience, with a portfolio that spans capturing weddings, couples, families, newborns and births. Milestones matter to her, so she does her utmost to keep them safe, sound and stunning for you to peruse through at any time. Reliving the most important moments in your life, including your wedding, works like magic through photography. She is a Christchurch wedding photographer that wholeheartedly embraces that.

The team at Inview Photography works extensively to ensure that your wedding is the fun-filled, glowing experience you've always dreamed of, snapping it in all its glory. They've worked throughout Christchurch, the rest of New Zealand and abroad. Packages include weddings and elopements, with travel definitely on the plate. On top of offering sublime wedding photography, Inview Photography also provides you with photo booth hire. After all, everyone has a ball of a time making memories in one.



Image by Twogether

Welcome Twogether, Christchurch wedding photographers and videographers that excel at what they do. Made up of a husband and wife duo that live to tell the tales of romance, you're in for a treat with their signature style. They believe in pouring in time, effort and patience into all of their couples, helping them to enjoy their big days as thoroughly as possible. They also believe in open communication with all clients, welcoming your ideas, thoughts and feelings on how you want your big day to be captured.

These Christchurch wedding photographers have built their brand on a driven work ethic and enthusiasm. Twogether wants you to remember your wedding for everything it was - every joyful tear, every giggle and every hug. Their packages are customisable and can come with wedding videography so you can relive your wedding day in every way imaginable.


Bellbird Weddings

Image by Bellbird Weddings

With a preference for timeless wedding photography, Bellbird Weddings are all about Christchurch wedding photography and videography that is elegant from start to finish. They travel around the country to capture weddings. Consistently stunning, their work blends storytelling with fine art. This results in fantastic wedding photography.

The wedding photography packages at Bellbird Weddings offer pre-wedding location scouting, so you're guaranteed the perfect space. They'll spend your entire day with you, documenting your wedding in all its glittery goodness. They also have add-on options such as wedding videography. You can mix and match between the two until you find what you're looking for. There's nothing like a Christchurch wedding photographer that's flexible, which is what Bellbird Weddings does so well.


Koru Photography

Image by Koru Photography

Twinkling lights, radiant smiles and stars in your eyes - Koru Photography wants to capture them all. Ever-romantic and dreamy, this Christchurch wedding photographer has been featured in multiple New Zealand publications due to her talent. Creativity is at the heart of her work, alongside the deep-seated belief that connections are what matter most when it comes to wedding photography. Her goal is to document every moment - even the tiny, passing ones - and make your special day eternal.

Koru Photography isn't just a Christchurch wedding photographer but also branches into newborn, maternity and family photography. Understanding others is the foundation for her incandescent work. She adapts to the needs of your wedding, whether you'd like her to guide you as the day goes on or to melt into the background and snap away. Whatever your wedding photography wishes, she can make them come true.


Emily Nicholls Photographer

Image by Emily Nicholls Photographer

From one end to the other, Emily Nicholls Photographer is a​​ Christchurch wedding photographer and a newborn photographer. Every beginning, and she's there with her camera, ready to help you keep your precious memories crystal clear for decades to come. Her entire goal is to provide you with wedding photography that you adore. Boasting over a decade of experience in the industry, you can bet that she will most assuredly do just that.

Emily Nicholls Photographer has worked extensively to curate her style, catering to both personal and professional clients. With a contemporary lens, she is dedicated to bringing you wedding photography that captures the passion and intimacy of your big day. This Christchurch wedding photographer loves to connect with her couples. This helps them to have an unforgettable day caught in an artful, candid style.


Velvet Photo & Cinema

Image by Velvet Photo & Cinema

Fun is the name of the game, and Velvet Photo & Cinema is the Christchurch wedding photographer that makes it all possible. They know that your wedding day is enormous and exciting, so they aim to help you completely immerse yourself in it. As they're a creative studio, they have all the equipment you could need and more, from drones to top-notch cameras. Their style is described as cinematic, clean, and, most of all, flexible. They are Christchurch wedding photographers that want to adapt and be artful in all the best ways.

Velvet Photo & Cinema provides you with Christchurch wedding photography and videography, covering all the bases. They've been featured in New Zealand publications credit to their playful, unique approach to photography and videography. When you choose them, you're choosing unfiltered excellence.


Brad Crocker Photography

Image by Brad Crocker Photography

An engagement, portrait and couples photography, Brad Crocker Photography, is detail-orientated to the core. The essence of his work is about having a great time with none of the hang-ups around awkward posing. You leave all the fine details up to him, and he'll take care of it. This Christchurch wedding photographer has a candid, joyful style that relies on all the natural moments you love so much. With infinite passion for what he does, the people he meets and the love he sees, you're in great hands.

Brad Crocker Photography has a range of wedding and engagement packages for you to pick between. Budget-friendly and flexible, he also offers a second photographer based on your needs. For Christchurch wedding photography from the camera of an experienced, involved artist, Brad Crocker Photography is here.


Kelly Shakespeare Photography

Image by Kelly Shakespeare Photography

More than a decade of experience makes Kelly Shakespeare Photography one of Christchurch's most professional wedding photographers. Her work is, in her words, less about her and who she is and more about what she can do for you. A huge fan of nature and everything it offers, she location scouts, loves natural light and tries to be as innovative as possible. Wedding photography is something with heart, and she wants to make that known as she works with you.

Kelly Shakespeare Photography is a fan of destination weddings, adventurous shoots, elopements and more. Documenting your special day means authenticity and more than "just pretty" to her. This is what makes this Christchurch wedding photographer so unique. You'll walk on the wild side in all the best ways with her as you make memories that will last a lifetime.


Mel's Moments

Image by Mel's Moments

Mel's Moments is here to help you laugh off those awkward moments and just relax. It can be challenging for some couples to get comfortable in front of the camera, which this Christchurch wedding photographer knows all too well. Because you don't want staged, robotic imagery, Mel is here to guide you whenever you need it. It's a one step at a time process, embracing your natural side and resulting in photos that show the light in your eyes as you look at one another.

Big on romance and everything it entails, Mel's Moments is the thrilling Christchurch wedding photographer you've been after. Fun, full of ideas and no-frills, their work delivers only the best to you. Knowing that the loveliest wedding photography comes from honest connections combined with an eye for detail, Mel goes above and beyond to keep the promise of imagery you'll fall in love with.


Stacey Cavalier Photography

Image by Stacey Cavalier Photography

Get classical with Stacey Cavalier Photography. There's something to be said for wedding imagery that leans towards grace. It's timeless; it's emotive; it's iridescent. This Christchurch wedding photographer has perfected the art, providing you with a style that'll leave you breathless. As an award-winning, NZIPP Master of Photography, you can rest assured that you're dealing with one of the best in the business.

Her work is natural and relaxed; it embraces the idea of finding 'home' in another person and those shimmering moments of your special day. She wants to bring you wedding photos that help you remember each moment exactly as it was, as truthful as intended. A Christchurch wedding photographer as decorated as she is beloved, Stacey Cavalier Photography is all about making the process seamless. You'll have the time of your life, and she'll capture it.


Eira Wyn Photography

Image by Eira Wyn Photography

The atmosphere at weddings is what makes Eira Wyn Photography love what she does. That feeling of joy and delight all around makes capturing those moments in total honesty all the more amazing to her. This wholesome photographer understands the sheer importance of your big day. It's crucial that you find a Christchurch wedding photographer that you click with. That's why she is around, with a calm presence and organic style that lends itself to every special day.

Eira Wyn Photography feels that every wedding is unique. Like fingerprints, they matter to each and every individual in their own ways. Her packages are flexible and suited to a range of budgets, which the option of more than one photographer if that's what you desire. She's also happy to give you custom packages that better suit your needs. Whatever you're looking for, this is an earnest Christchurch wedding photographer with an eye for detail and a knack for remarkable imagery.


Charlotte Sowman Photography

Image by Charlotte Sowman Photography

Featuring a background in graphic design means this Christchurch wedding photographer is visual in more ways than one. Charlotte Sowman Photography began her relationship with everything creative at a young age. She even went on to study design at university. Packed with energy and style, she has approaches photography with the same values. In the end, her work has settled somewhere between relaxed and honest. It makes for wedding imagery that mirrors who you are as a couple.

Charlotte Sowman Photography loves getting to know the couples she works with. Making bonds and flowing through the day makes for an easy time. Given her bubbly approach, this Christchurch wedding photographer loves location scouting. You can venture off the beaten track with her for something delightful. Soaking up inspiration from her surroundings, you are left with mystical wedding photography.


Daniela Aebli

Image by Daniela Aebli

Born in Switzerland but raised in New Zealand, Daniela Aebli is a Christchurch wedding photographer with a yen for visual storytelling. Her skills run the whole gamut, from corporate clients to wedding photography. As a result, her style is flexible, creative and fluid, delivering work that is sure to leave you with a giant smile plastered across your face.

Preferring direct links, she has bespoke packages for couples seeking her out for wedding photography. Daniela Aebli adores eye-catching, interesting imagery. She wants to set you apart from the crowd, with a variety of ideas to showcase your special day in all its extraordinary shine. Her imagery balances light, nature and shadows, blending to create something entirely sincere.


Hattie Studio Photography

Image by Hattie Studio Photography

Hattie Studio Photography's credentials include a lifelong obsession with photography, a Bachelor in Design Majoring in Photography and tons of thrilled clients. When it comes down to it, this Christchurch wedding photographer is a genuine wedding addict. It's not only about incredible wedding photography but also about curating an incredible experience for you on your big day. How you feel and why all comes through in your imagery, and she intends to make sure you're as happy as a clam.

This Christchurch wedding photographer knows it is a privilege to be included in your wedding. She goes above and beyond to guarantee that your photography and experience is unparalleled in comfort and style. Aside from her romance with weddings, she also dedicates her time to being a ​​graphic designer at a Mental health Education Centre. Hattie Studio Photography cares - and that is the greatest asset of all.


Emma Steel Photography

Image by Emma Steel Photography

Fine art and storytelling combine for Emma Steel Photography. This is a Christchurch wedding photographer that is ​​an accredited member of the NZIPP. With a Master of Photography in hand, she is award-winning with good reason. She believes in constantly growing and pushing herself creatively. She hones her skills and thus offers couples more and more with every shoot.

Emma Steel Photography explores fine art portraits, animal portraits and weddings. When it comes to your big day, this Christchurch wedding photographer wants you to be as comfortable as possible. Let her take the lead or blend into the background as she documents everything from beginning to end.


LoveLight Photography

Image by LoveLight Photography

LoveLight Photography represents the best of Kiwi ingenuity and friendship. This pair of Christchurch mates offers stellar wedding photography services. What LoveLight Photography is especially well-known for, though, is its wedding videography, available in the form of the “cinema” package.

LoveLight photography is the Steven Spielberg of wedding photographers. That applies to the relaxed and professional manner in which they shoot wedding footage, to the time and thought that goes into choosing the perfect song for the final film. You can count on LoveLight Photography producing a wedding video which you’d be proud to show to your great-grandkids. Trust us: being able to relive your special day in motion video is something you’ll only regret not investing in when the moment’s passed.


Whimsical Wedding Photography

Image by Whimsical Wedding Photography

The woman behind Whimsical Wedding Photography is Charmayne O’Connor, a diploma-qualified photographer with the portfolio to match. Charmayne has ample experience in shooting couples before and during their wedding day. A self-professed wedding junkie, Charmayne’s eye for romance is sure to immortalise the most love-filled moments of your ceremony and reception.

The “whimsical” part of her business’s name should give you an idea of the playful approach that Charmayne brings to her shoots. Clients regularly single out this Christchurch wedding photographer’s warm and calming presence in their glowing testimonials. Whimsical Wedding Photography also offers a more reasonable rate than many Christchurch photographers and can provide video-inclusive packages.


Dolce Wedding Photography

Image by Dolce Wedding Photography

Want to feel beautiful on your big day, and in your wedding photos? Dolce Wedding Photography knows just how to get you feeling fine for the camera (because let’s face it, there’s no doubt you’re going to look great).

Owner Sophie McMillan has been in the photography business since her teens and has travelled the world as a professional photographer ever since. So far, she’s shot an impressive 147 weddings. Despite her masses of experience, Sophie knows how to make your wedding feel and look special – precisely as you want it. Dolce Wedding Photography understands that an unobtrusive and candid approach produces the best wedding photos, forging unforgettable memories that last a lifetime.


Agnes Grace

Image by Agnes Grace

Agnes Grace Photography offers fine art wedding photography with an eye for perfection. This Christchurch wedding photographer includes engagement sessions in all her packages because she knows how important it is that her subjects feel at ease before the big day. This way, you can have a no-pressure practice run – and come out with a whole other set of photos for your engagement party or Christmas cards.

Agnes Grace photography wants to help you transform your wedding photography album into a family heirloom which will last the ages. Part of that project includes scoping out the most epic locations around Christchurch for your wedding photoshoot. Make sure you cast an eye over Agnes Grace Photography’s black-and-white photos, which have a particularly stunning old-school charm.


Handmade Photography

Image by Handmade Photography

A home-grown, sustainable ethos is behind this Christchurch wedding photographer’s practice. Handmade Photography is a photography business which puts the whole wedding experience front and centre. Handmade Photography promises honest and personal service with technical perfection to match.

Handmade Photography’s director, Stephanie Defregger, is passionate about putting you at ease. She wants to get right to the soul of her subject – just like Da Vinci with his Mona Lisa. What’s more, a portion of Handmade Photography’s earnings goes towards the Department of Conservation, so that you can contribute to keeping Aotearoa pure and beautiful. If those sound like the kind of principles you’d like to underpin your chosen wedding photographer’s practice, then get in touch with Handmade Photography today.


Joseph O’Sullivan Photography

Image by Joseph O’Sullivan Photography

Many of Joseph O’Sullivan Photograph’s past shoots betray a particular vintage touch, investing his wedding photos with a touch of timeless elegance. These are definitely not your run-of-the-mill captures. A Christchurch local, Joseph has some serious tech skills up his sleeve, so no edit or adjustment is out of the question.

Joseph describes his photography style as romantic, real, elegant, and authentic. He takes a photojournalistic approach to shooting weddings. Better yet, he’s happy to take on the onus for organising those awkward group photos. Last but not least, Joseph O’Sullivan Photography’s testimonials confirm that the photographer himself is a really nice bloke – which does matter when you’re thinking about which vendors to share your big day with!